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  • Trio Program

    Think you won't qualify for a mortgage but ready to own a home? You don't have to settle for renting when there's a new way to reach that goal - Trio, providing modern financing for future homeowners.

    Save Money.  When you lease with Trio you lock in today's interest rate and purchase price. That means when you're ready to purchase in a few years -you're buying at today's rates and prices.

    Breathe Easy.  Need to relocate? Not 100% sure about the neighborhood? Not to worry, Trio lets you move on (if you don't love where you're at) and will happily help you ?nd another home in any Trio financed market.

    Invest in Yourself.  Trio's homeownership program was developed to you move forward, not keep you stuck in high fees. By keeping your purchase price low and no penalties for purchasing at any time during your lease, Trio helps you build wealth now before you buy. Trio affords you affordability and livability, today and tomorrow.

    How Do Customers Qualify?

    •  Gross household income of at least $3600/month
    •  Credit score at 580 or above*
    •  No active bankruptcy or foreclosure action
    •  Documentation to support income and positive housing history
    •  Cash, savings, retirement or gifted funds of at least 2 months of desired lease payment

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